Here are some testimonials from my coaching clients and group workshop participants. 

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I always learn something new that I want to try right away from Hiroyo’s workshop. Her way of speaking is clear, and easy to understand. She creates an atmosphere that makes comfortable for participants to ask questions, so everyone can work positively all the time. Her workshop gives me many new discoveries, and it is always time for self-improvement.

Yuka Usami Casey

I learned about learning science and its practical applications through Hiroyo’s workshop.

The workshop participants had different backgrounds, but we found we were all in similar stages in our lives. It was nice to learn that everyone had similar challenges and questions. Hiroyo’s attitude to think with us was very comfortable and encouraging.

One of the techniques I learned through the workshop was the Pomodoro technique. It’s been a few months since I took Hiroyo’s workshop. The Pomodoro technique has become a useful habit. It helps me to get things done. Thank you.

Rika Hirose