“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Have you ever yearned to experience the pure joy and wonder of your childhood? The feeling of being completely immersed in the moment, fueled by pure curiosity and excitement? Remember those days when you would get lost watching ants march in perfect harmony? Or when you felt the thrill of chasing dragonflies, marveling at their delicate wings? Recall the sense of triumph when, after countless attempts, you finally executed the perfect flip? Those were moments of pure, innocent joy for the sheer pleasure of the experience.

Growing older gives us experience and wisdom, but often at the expense of that childlike sense of wonder. Now, as adults, such instances of uninhibited joy seem few and far between. While professional accomplishments offer their own sense of satisfaction, they aren’t quite the same as those moments of pure joy, driven by nothing but innate curiosity.

What if you could reignite that spark? Dive back into a world where learning and discovery come not from necessity, but from sheer delight?


Rediscovering Childhood Joy: My Journey with Pottery

I embarked on my wheel pottery journey this spring. The initial challenge? Centering clay on the pottery wheel. For the entire first month, it felt like an impossible task. Videos on YouTube made it look easy, with experienced potters shaping their creations effortlessly. However, my reality was far different.

But then, as the second month rolled in, something magical happened. There was a moment when my body, hands, and clay synced perfectly. I didn’t shout in triumph, but a deep, exhilarating joy washed over me—a kind of joy I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Some might find my immense joy over something as seemingly trivial as centering clay silly. But it’s hard to articulate the sheer delight I felt in that moment. It was reminiscent of the untainted joy we frequently experience in childhood. It was genuine happiness, a reminder of the simple pleasures of learning that we often overlook as adults.

After that pottery session, I began to reflect on the nature of such activities—those we pursue not for any external reward or acknowledgment but purely for personal joy. Why do these endeavors, which many might consider “unimportant” stir such profound emotions within us?


The Essence of Rediscovering Joy through “Unimportant Learning”

Welcome to the world of “unimportant learning.” It’s a space where we embrace and celebrate skills and hobbies, not because they’ll get us a promotion or a raise, but purely because they resonate with our inner child and make us happy.

In this journey of “unimportant learning,” it’s about diving deep into creativity, letting go, and soaking in the experience. It’s about savoring joyful experiences, no matter how small or seemingly trivial, such as mastering the art of centering clay on a wheel!

As we immerse ourselves deeper into these newfound passions, it’s as if we gradually peel away the accumulated weight and expectations that come with adulthood. The burdens of responsibility, the societal pressures, the self-imposed limitations — they all start to fade. We find ourselves embraced in the carefree joys and innocent wonder of childhood. It’s a transformative journey where we see the world anew, through the untainted, curious eyes of our younger selves, alive with excitement and brimming with awe.


The Ripple Effects of a Hobby

The ripple effectsPicking up a hobby is like opening a door inside yourself you didn’t know was there! It’s like finding a secret room filled with joy, confidence, and bits of yourself you’ve never met before. You start realizing more of what you can be and achieve!

And guess what? These changes aren’t just about the hobby. They start to touch everything—our jobs, our friendships, how we see the world, and how we see ourselves.

Through pottery, I’ve learned profound lessons that transcend the confines of the craft. It has instilled patience in me, and awakened a zest for creativity I hadn’t fully embraced. I’ve discovered that with time and practice, I am able to make things I once deemed impossible. Moreover, I’ve learned the importance of not taking everything too seriously; there’s immense value in pursuing joy for its own sake. Every time I mold clay, I’m reminded of the marvel of creating something beautiful from a mere lump of clay. It’s a testament to our own boundless potential.


Crafting Your “Third Place”

In our daily lives, we often find ourselves confined between two main spaces: our homes and our workplaces. But what if there was a “third place” dedicated solely to your passions? This “third place” doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical location—it can be an activity or a hobby that lets your spirit soar and creativity come alive.

Feeling constrained by the hours of the day? While it’s true that our jobs, families, and other responsibilities consume much of our time, even setting aside a brief moment for something you adore can be transformative. This “third place” activity can make your entire day feel more enriching and less stressful.

You don’t have to make a significant time commitment immediately. Start small. Designate a specific time each week for your newfound passion. Mark it on your calendar as “me time.” You may find that this short escape provides a disproportionate amount of joy and relaxation.

Additionally, this “third place” serves as a great avenue to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals.



“Unimportant learning” whispers to us about the innate joy hiding in every learning curve and transformation. It invites us to uncover the hidden gems within us, allowing us to reshape our outlooks and stretch our boundaries.

What’s your “unimportant learning”? What hobby awaits you? Share your journey and let’s embrace the joy of rediscovery together!