Do you often find yourself “living inside your own head?” Do you feel secure when you stay within your mental boundaries? But do you also wonder if this way of living is preventing you from fully enjoying life?


A horse running freely on a beach with open heartIf you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might benefit from the book “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael A. Singer. This book will teach you the importance of keeping your heart open to live a more fulfilling life.

Here are some key insights from the book:


Why Do You Confine Yourself to a Self-Created Model of the World?

Just as you lock your house doors and windows for protection, many people create a mental model of the world and confine themselves within it. This self-imposed cage is built from past experiences, and it acts as a buffer to protect you from life. However, by doing this, you are only living within your limited perception of the world.


Are You Truly Happy in Your Safe Cage?

A caged life can be compared to a dog trapped within a metal fence, never experiencing the world beyond its enclosure. Just like the confined dog, living within your mental cage can lead to despair and dissatisfaction with life.


Fortunately, unlike the dog, your mental cage is self-imposed. You have the key to step outside and break free from your limitations.


Accept That You Can’t Control Everything

The first step to breaking free is acknowledging that you can’t have total control over life’s events. Instead of trying to control everything, relax and let things happen naturally.


Visualize Your Mind as the Blue Sky and Life Events as Clouds

Think of your mind as the vast blue sky, with life events as passing clouds. You can’t control or cling to the clouds; you can only observe them as they move by. Embrace this mindset to live more freely.


Relax and Observe

This concept is similar to meditation. When you meditate, various thoughts come to mind. Instead of trying to control them, simply observe your thoughts as they come and go.


Open Your Heart and Let the Fresh Air In

A closed heart and mind can be compared to a musty, locked-up house. Instead of shutting yourself in, open your heart and let the fresh air in.


Adopt the Mantra: “I’m Going to Keep My Heart Open.”

When you meet new people or face new experiences, you might feel the urge to close your heart to protect yourself. However, doing so can prevent you from fully embracing life. Remind yourself to keep your heart open, allowing light and energy to flow in.


Remember: You’re Living on a Spinning Planet in Outer Space

As Michael A. Singer suggests, remember that you’re “living on a planet spinning around the middle of outer space.” You can’t stop the Earth from spinning or the clouds from moving. Don’t cause yourself suffering by attempting to control every aspect of your life. Instead, relax, let things happen, and truly live.


Keep in Mind

“Relax, and keep your heart open by not closing it!”