Do you find yourself being more of a worrier than a warrior? Do you think you can add “professional worrier” to your profile? If so, you are probably exhausted by constant worry. In this blog post, I’ll explore ways to worry less and live a happier life by embracing the uncertainties that come our way. We’ll dive into the wisdom of Susan Jeffers’ book, “Embracing Uncertainty,” and share practical tips to transform yourself from a worrier to a warrior.

🔮Understanding the Uncertainties of Life

The book cover for In her book, “Embracing Uncertainty: Breakthrough Methods for Achieving Peace of Mind When Facing the Unknown,” Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. shares three realities about life:

✅ Reality 1: “The only certainty is that life is uncertain!”

✅ Reality 2: “Once you surrender to the fact that you are unable to control the uncertainty, you will, at last, be able to breathe a sigh of relief.”

✅ Reality 3: “A ‘deep’ acceptance that life is uncertain opens the door to a powerful way of living.”

In her book, Jeffers includes forty-two exercises you can do to transform yourself from a worrier to a warrior. Here are my top ten tips:


1) 🗓️ Postpone your worry until tomorrow.

You know that you shouldn’t postpone things you can do today. But there is one exception: your worry. If you are worrying about something, tell yourself, “I’m not going to worry about this today. I’ll worry about it tomorrow.” Repeat this 7 times a week for a worry-free week.

You can still work on a solution, but when you use your calm and logical brain without any worry, you can usually come up with a better solution.

2)❓ Start living in the “maybe” world.

If you can let go of the need to be right all the time, you will likely feel better.

Try this now: make fists and hold them tight for 10 seconds. Then let go while imagining letting go of your tight grip on your blind certainty.

Start living in the “maybe” world by adding “maybe” to your sentences. Think, “Maybe I am right. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe they are right. Maybe they are wrong.”

When you let go of the need to be right all the time, your mind opens up, and you can develop the attitude, “No matter what happens to me, I can figure it out.”

3) 💬 Take a “blended energy approach” to disagreement.

When someone disagrees with your opinion, instead of defending yourself with arrogance and self-righteousness, open your mind and heart and say something like, “That’s interesting. Tell me more about that. I would like to learn your view on this issue.”

This technique defuses the situation with the person disagreeing with you. Then genuinely pay attention to what they are saying while embracing the “maybe” mindset.

If you do this, you can feel the tension between you and your conversation partner dissolve, and you both might be able to learn something from each other.

4) 🎯 Find your meaning and purpose.

Jeffers says, “To know we really count is the most powerful and vital piece of information we can ever have.”

To have a fulfilling life, you want to know that your life counts for something. This is true no matter how old you are.

If you have lost sight of your life’s meaning and purpose, look around and seek opportunities that can create value for both yourself and others.

5) 🧠 Be mindful of what you pay attention to.

Jeffers says, “Your experience of life reflects what you pay attention to.”

Make it a habit to pause and pay attention.

We tend to focus more on the bad rather than the good. When things are going smoothly, you take them for granted. But when something goes wrong, your whole focus shifts there. Break the habit of focusing only on the bad.

Pay attention to the good and blessings in your life. Write them down, collect them, and make it a habit to always remind yourself of them.

6) 🏁 Don’t be attached to outcomes.

Shift your focus from the outcome to the process. You can still do your best in whatever you are doing. For example, you can strive to make the best product out there and enjoy the process of making it. But don’t have expectations for how people will perceive your product or be attached to certain outcomes.

When you are attached to outcomes, you are doomed to unhappiness.

When you let go of outcomes, you can be happier and enjoy the process no matter what the outcome is.

The bottom line matters to a company, but not to your life. The process and journey are the things that matter in your life.

7) 🔋 Keep your body energy charged.

To become a warrior, you need to keep your body energy fully charged. Don’t wait until you break down physically or mentally to take a break. Your brain keeps score of energy deposits and withdrawals.

Even if you feel you are okay, if you keep withdrawing energy, eventually your body will shut down. Make it a habit to replenish your body energy every day, just like you charge your cell phone.

Keep in mind that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

8) 🎓 Be a lifelong learner about life throughout your life.

Whenever you encounter a hardship in your life, take that as an opportunity to learn rather than a defeat.

If you are dealing with an illness, ask yourself what lessons you can take from it. Learn about the illness, rethink your lifestyle, and maybe change your perspective about life.

If you suddenly lose a loved one, what lessons can you learn from that experience? Maybe there is something you want to say to your mother or do with her while she is still alive. Maybe you can use that opportunity to rethink the way you connect to others.

9) 💭 Create a “Wondering Life” instead of a “Hoping Life.”

Instead of saying, “I hope …….,” say, “I wonder…….”

Jeffers recommends you start each day saying, “I wonder what will happen in my life today.”

Then have a “Bring It On” attitude.

At the end of the day, you can report how everything went from an observer’s perspective, not from the person involved.

This way, you won’t waste the tremendous emotional energy that expectations consume.

You can also increase the degree of excitement that adventurers experience.

Jeffers says,

“Don’t wish for it to happen. Don’t wish for it not to happen.

Just watch it happen. Let the wonder of life unfold.”

10)🐢 Don’t rush.

There isn’t any place you need to get to in your life. There isn’t a destination. Let your curiosity lead you in this life and be a wonderer, adventurer, explorer, and student of life until the end of this journey.

Don’t rush. Take your time to figure out how to live and be okay with not having the answer. Savor every precious moment you have right now.

🚀 Embrace Your New Adventure and Take Action Now!

✅ Resign from your position as a professional worrier!

✅ Put on an explorer’s hat and boots.

✅ Embrace uncertainty as a catalyst for a fulfilling life.

✅ Implement one or two tips from this list into your daily routine.

✅ Gradually incorporate more practices to shift your mindset.

✅ Transform into a true warrior and enjoy exploring!

Worrying less and living a happier life is possible when we learn to embrace life’s uncertainties and take actionable steps to shift our mindset.

By implementing these tips and practices, you can gradually transform yourself from a worrier to a warrior, ready to face life’s challenges with courage and confidence.