Are you thinking about buying a Kindle but unsure if it’s worth it? Do you already read books on Kindle? Kindle is beneficial for anyone, but it’s especially helpful for language learners and non-native English speakers.


Kindle’s Dictionary Lookup Capability:

Kindle’s dictionary lookup feature allows you to tap any word and instantly view its definition, increasing your comprehension of the book and your vocabulary.


Systematically Increase Your Vocabulary:

Kindle remembers the words you’ve looked up and creates a vocabulary list. You can export this list to the sophisticated, free flashcard app called Anki, which uses scientifically proven learning methods like retrieval practice and spaced repetition.


How to Export Vocabulary List from Kindle to Anki:

To export your vocabulary list from Kindle to Anki, follow these steps, which are explained in detail in the YouTube video “Create Anki Flashcards with Kindle’s Vocabulary List”:

1️⃣ Obtain the Vocabulary Builder file (vocab.db file) from your Kindle.

2️⃣ Upload the vocab.db file to the Kindle Vocabulary Builder Export For Free program by Henry Wang.

3️⃣ Export it as an Excel file.

4️⃣ Import the Excel file to Anki.

Limit Your Anki Flashcard Practice:

Use the Pomodoro technique to limit your Anki flashcard practice to 25 minutes per day to avoid cognitive overload.


Other Great Kindle Features:

Kindle offers numerous features, such as portability, customization, instant book purchasing, audio availability, progress tracking, searchability, and highlight exporting, which make reading more engaging and enjoyable.


Kindle Device or App:

While an actual Kindle device is recommended, you can also use the free Kindle app on your device. Your local library may also offer e-books to “check out” and read on Kindle.


Kindle can be a game-changer for developing a reading habit and exponentially increasing your vocabulary.


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