Imagine you’re a mosaic artist. Since you were born, you’ve been adding tiles to a wall called “life.” Let’s say you add one tile each week. If you are fifty years old, you’ve added two thousand six hundred tiles to your wall so far. 

Assume you live to be eighty years old. Then roughly, you’ll have four thousand tiles in total. That means you can add another one thousand four hundred tiles to your wall.

🔍 Have You Been Crafting Your Mosaic?

Do you feel you’ve been intentionally crafting your mosaic, or do you feel you’ve been adding whatever tile you find? If you feel like you’ve been adding random tiles, try to intentionally craft your mosaic from now on. 

Where do you get the tiles for your wall?

⏰ Creating Mosaic Tiles with Your Time

Life is made of time. You must intentionally choose how you spend your time and how you create tiles to put on your wall. 

How you spend your time determines what your tiles look like.

🎯 Set Your Priorities

You can’t remember everything you do in your life. You’ll remember only what you pay attention to and spend time on. 

Pay attention to what you are paying attention to and spend time on your priorities

Make sure your priorities take up most of the space of each tile.

🖼️ Each Mosaic Tile is Complete

Each tile will become a part of your life mosaic, but each tile is self-contained. You make each tile self-contained by living each day fully and completely. 

Since each tile is self-contained, your mosaic could be complete at any point. 

No matter when you add your last tile to your mosaic, your art is complete. 

That way, you can live a life with no regrets.

🧱 Add Tiles to Your Wall as You Go

As you complete each week, add one tile to the wall. Don’t keep all the tiles floating around, thinking you’ll add them all at once when you’re “ready.” This mindset is important.

You don’t want to live your life in “preparation mode.” It’s important not to postpone your life and live each day fully and completely. 

You might’ve been treating your life as a dress rehearsal, thinking you are preparing for the future. If you do that, you’ll never have a chance to actually live. 

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Live today.

🌟 Add Truly Unique Tiles to Your Mosaic

It’s up to you what kind of tile you add each week. With mosaic art, you can bring in totally unique tiles. They make the mosaic look more interesting. 

Look at the image on the top of this post. Those blue tiles on the left side are very different from the ones on the right. But they are all part of the mosaic.

🔍 Where Do You Find Unique Tiles?

If you’ve been adding similar tiles to your wall for a while, you might find it challenging to find unique ones. How do you find them? 

Experiment with different activities. Turn off your auto-pilot, pay attention to the things you’ve been ignoring, and see if you can discover a new aspect of your life. 

Take a step forward and notice that your comfort zone expands with you!

⌛ How Do You Find Time to Experiment?

You might think that experimenting with new activities requires extra time that you don’t have. 

If that’s you, use Marie Kondo‘s method to declutter your house. She tells you to hold up each piece of clothing and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” You keep only the ones that spark joy. 

You can use the same method to see if you can declutter your life. Maybe you can eliminate some activities in your life that no longer spark joy.

🧐 Step Back from Time to Time and Admire Your Mosaic

When you are too close to something, it is hard for you to see the overall picture. Every week, you focus on finding or creating a new tile by living fully and completely. 

But from time to time, step back and look at the mosaic you’ve created so far. That pause will give you new perspectives and ideas on how you want to continue your art of life.

🔄 You Can’t Get a Blank Wall Again

At some point in your life, you might think you want to get a blank wall and start over. As everyone knows, it’s not possible. 

But as Maria Robinson said,

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” 

Remember, you can keep adding new tiles until the very last day of your life.

🎨 There Isn’t a Model for Your Mosaic

There isn’t an existing model for your final mosaic. Every single mosaic is unique. 

You actually don’t know what your final mosaic looks like until it’s complete. That means there isn’t a way you “should” live your life. Take advantage of the freedom you have to experiment with your art as you go.

🖼️ Art is Subjective

Your mosaic is art, and art is subjective. You get to decide if your mosaic is good or bad. You get to define the purpose and meaning of your life, which then becomes your own unique work of art. 

Use your own critique, not somebody else’s, to evaluate your mosaic art and your life.

🚀 Do This Now

Step back and picture the mosaic you’ve created so far. Decide what kind of tiles you want to add this week and next week. 

Get excited and find or create the tiles you want to add to your life wall.