Do you want to improve your life and live better? Use this formula to see amazing results.

📅 1) Commit to the next 3 years for self-improvement

Decide that you’re going to commit to the next 3 years for your self-improvement journey. It takes time to make long-lasting changes, and though three years may seem like an eternity, it’ll pass quickly.

Do This Now: Get a journal or planner and mark the date that’s 3 years from today.


🎯 2) Set Your Aim

Choose one or two areas you want to improve in 3 years. You can use the Four Agreements from the book “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” or the 13 Virtues of Benjamin Franklin from “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” as inspiration.

Don’t worry if your aim isn’t precise. Setting a direction helps you start your journey and focus on relevant information.

Do This Now: Write down your aim in your journal or planner.


🌟 3) Imagine Yourself in Your Renewed State

Visualize who you’ll become in 3 years. This image will help you stay motivated when you want to give up.

Do This Now: Draw an image or make specific notes about your future self 3 years from today in your journal or planner.


📝 4) Assess Your Current Status

Have an honest conversation with yourself and write down your current status in relation to your aim.

Do This Now: Write down your current status in your journal or planner.


🌅 5) Live Fully in the Present While Aiming for the Future

Balancing your long-term goals with fully embracing each day might seem challenging, but it’s crucial for personal growth. Focus on living each day to the fullest while still keeping your 3-year goals in mind.

Do This Now: At the end of each day, check if you lived with your intentions and completely. Add a checkmark in your journal or planner.


👀 6) Pay Attention to What Matters

Allocate your limited resources to things that matter to you. If you realize you’re paying attention to the wrong things, quietly switch your focus.

Do This Now: Write down what you remember from the day before to see what you paid attention to.


🧘‍♀️ 7) Learn to Clear Your Mind

Quiet your mind and make room for what’s essential. Start with a 10-minute daily meditation practice to create headspace.

Do This Now: Allocate 10 minutes a day to quiet your mind.


📈  8) Compare Yourself Only to Yourself

At the end of the day, compare yourself to who you were when you woke up, not someone else.

Use the famous investors, Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett’s formula: Going to bed smarter than when you woke up. 

Do This Now: At the end of the day, write down your progress in your journal.


🔎 9) Don’t Ignore Problems

Address any fundamental problems that prevent you from moving forward. Endure short-term pain for long-term freedom.

Do This Now: Write down any major problems in your life and come up with strategies to fix them.


🎗️ 10) Keep Reminding Yourself of Your Intentions

Choose a reminder for your intentions, such as a wristband, phone wallpaper, or framed wall art.

Do This Now: Pick a reminder for yourself.


🤔  11) Reflect and Check in Periodically

Don’t wait 3 years to check in and reflect on your progress. Schedule regular intervals for honest self-assessment.

Do This Now: Set reminders in your calendar for periodic check-ins.


By following this self-improvement formula for the next 3 years, you’ll be amazed at the person you become. Join our self-improvement community and start your journey today!

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