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Helping midlife professionals transform their lives and be the best version of themselves!
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Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance

Welcome to Hiroyo Saito Coaching, where midlife transformation is not just possible—it’s a journey waiting to unfold!

I’m Hiroyo Saito, a CTA-certified coach specializing in guiding midlife professionals through transformative experiences.

Together, we’ll convert the so-called “midlife crisis” into a pivotal moment of growth, clarity, and lifelong fulfillment.

As you navigate the complexities of midlife, it’s easy to feel disoriented. Even though I’ve lived half my life in Japan and the other half in the United States, transitioning through various life stages, midlife caught me off guard. One moment, I felt as if I were on stable ground; the next, I plunged into an emotional abyss. I struggled, grasping for something to lift me up.

Though surrounded by well-meaning loved ones, I felt increasingly isolated. Their advice, however genuine, only deepened my sense of alienation. It felt like no one could truly understand the emotional whirlwind I was enduring.

Escaping this emotional maze was an incredibly difficult process. Yet, it was this personal journey that fueled my passion to guide others through the labyrinth of midlife. My mission is to spare you the lengthy, lonely, and often painful process of navigating midlife alone. I aim to help you re-emerge, armed with a newfound sense of purpose and vitality, ready to wholeheartedly embrace the chapters yet to come in your life.

If you or someone you know is navigating the choppy waters of midlife, I’d love to be your guide. Reach out today for a free discovery session, and let’s start mapping out your brighter, more fulfilling future!